Monday, 8 February 2016

Tech devices make my brain hurt - A mini Rant

Have you watched any of the new Chelsea Does... show on Netflix yet?

I've watched all four & Chelsea Does... and Silicon Valley was like watching myself.

It's not working.

It's broken.

It never does what it's supposed to.

Isn't this supposed to make things easier?

I follow the instructions & can't get what I want to happen to happen.
In walks the Mr. & boom he's got it.
It. Drives. Me. Crazy. It ranks up there with hearing people chew.

So, fast forward to this morning & just to give you a little background. 
This blog was created on blogger almost 3 years ago - love it & it's been super easy for me aka = the least technologically able person on the planet. Things were going along swimmingly, so naturally I had to throw a wrench in it.
2 years ago I thought "hey I need a website, because in order to increase business & have to showcase my work & so all my "stuff" can be in one place, blog, design services, profolio, shop etc".  I had one created that I was assured would be easy peasy for me to update myself yada yada yada. Well peeps 2 years later I'm still on blogger. I can not figure this shit out. I try but then get so frustrated I forget about it & move on.  
Finally this morning I thought. I'm going to try & update my portfolio, remove & add pillows to the shop & all going well write a blog post. How hard can uploading 20 photos be......3 hours later we still have no photos & I'm ready to thrown my mac book into the half frozen pool.

That is all.

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