Thursday, 28 January 2016

Not your Mothers Macrame - My DIY wallhanging

I was looking for a piece of art or something a little different to hang over our bed. I knew I did not want a piece of framed art or a canvas. Reason being, we have a large painting in there already & the wall opposite the bed is going to be taken up by mounting the TV & an enormous gallery wall.
So, I got my yarn on!

Off to The Home Depot I went to get my copper pipe. I was going to work with the lengths they has in stock. I chose to use a 1" diameter 4 ft length & a pair of copper end caps.

 Next I stopped by my local craft store & bought some beautiful soft hued wool from the new Isaac Mizrahi Craft Collection. I love how the colours in the yarn pull the warm tone in from my headboard & it looks great against the copper too.

Here's what you need to get started

1" copper pipe
1 pair of copper pipe end caps for 1" pipe
3 rolls of wool or yarn

Step 1
Cut your pipe to the length you want & put the end caps on.
I chose to use a 4ft piece of pipe.

Step 2
Cut the yarn double the length you want it to be
(ex. If you want a finished length of 20"l cut 40l pieces)

Step 3
Using a Lark's Head knot, create a pattern if you want using various length of yarn.
I used 36"l & 46"l pieces to create a  wave on the bottom edge.

Step 4
Cut a remaining piece of yarn for the hanger, tie on to the pipe & hang!

Easy as 1-2-3-4!
The cost for this project was around $30 depending on the cost of tour yards & about 2 hours of time.

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