Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Design Dilemma in the Lounge @ #projecthillview

 I guess this isn't so much a dilemma, it's more like,  it just didn't go as planned & now I am back at the drawing board. Everything looked great on paper & I could visualize it all complete in my head.
Here is where we started.

We opened up the existing kitchen, dining room & living room to make one large open space
& relocated the kitchen to the front. The back wall was outfitted with a window wall of bi-folding doors.

All looks good right?  Technically yes, but once we placed the dining table & chairs in front of the fireplace. Visually it was all too tight looking & I really didn't like the look of all of the flat surfaces lined up, counter top, island top & the table top. So, we simply flipped the spaces.

Here is how things look now - I was playing around with the layout.
The 2 chairs are from the dining table, the 2 Barcelona's & the coffee table will be relocated to the family room in the basement.

I'm using these 2 vintage chairs I had re upholstered in a black crinkled leather.

A daybed / chaise is going to float in the space to create separation & is going to be upholstered in something bold. I'm thinking along these lines.

Cobalt velvet


Or, I may use one of my own hand painted fabrics.

I designed a sculptural custom coffee table base to use with a glass top to keep thinks open & airy.
 I plan on creating a gallery wall. I love the simplicity of this one in the office of Pam of Pixel Impress & how she used marble paper.

 I also like this area rug from Ikea.

This one from Rugs USA is also a possibility.


We also need a floor lamp & I'm liking these so far.




What fabric, rug & floor lamp would you choose?

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