Monday, 4 May 2015

#projecthillview: The Windows & Exterior

Last week the Mr. & I spent a day going to 3 different window companies to explore all of the possibilities. It was a successful day because we did decided on thin black aluminium windows inside & out.

Just to refresh your memory this is the existing exterior.

And this is my inspiration.

I pinned this image by Carrier & Company forever ago. I absolutely love the look & feel of this home. It's totally doable right?! We will be adding a cedar garage door & possibly somewhere else, not too sure yet I also want to incorporate a concrete wall with recessed light too.

Replacing existing windows, I think is a fairly simple process. Until we get to this one.

The plan is to basically, remove the existing back wall of the main living area, about 20 ft  & replace it with a moving wall, where all of the glass panels will slide & stack onto one another. This will allow for tons of light & easy access to the backyard & pool area. The moving wall will look a little something like this - minus the lady!

Hopefully we can have the top window follow the line of the vaulted ceiling but we have to see & the windows below to have 3 or 4 moving panels & one that is fixed. There are so many options to the moving wall, not to mention we heard the phrase "You may have to get a structural engineer" that by the end of the day I thought my head was going to explode with all of the information!!!  That being said it was a very productive.


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