Monday, 27 April 2015

#ProjectHillview: Foyer

Welcome to another installment of #mymidcenturymakeover.
The Mr & I have spent countless hours already going through our literally 100's of design magazines. We're ripping out images that represent clear ideas of rooms, specific items or simply serving as inspiration to create this new home of ours.
Today I'm going to show you the design plan for the foyer.

This may seem like a little thing but to me it's a big thing... I get a foyer. I mean I had one before, kind of. As soon as quests came in the front door, they could see into my entire main floor & not to mention the stairs were right there.  I love the idea of having a self contained space to greet guests, no more seeing everything from the front door & the stairs are tucked away.

My goal for this space is to create impact right from the get go, so I have chosen to use
Cole & Son wallpaper. I do have another option for wall covering but we'll have to see how the samples turn out but the Cole & Son will most definitely be the back up, if not used in another space.

A large scale black honed marble floor that will be laid in a herringbone pattern.  

The existing fibreglass wood look front door is going, along with the sad side light window. We are replacing them with one large black steel framed pivot door. This will give much more light & help the space to feel larger.

The main living space has vaulted ceiling that run into the foyer, so I am taking advantage of the
 height & this Bari chandelier in aged brass & polished glass chandelier. 

We opted to move the front hall closet into a space in the old kitchen area, this will allow for a less congested area. The existing closet will be opened up to allow for a nook for sorts to allow for a chair, a console table, sconces (thanks Jessie D Miller) & a colourful print by Slim Arrons without taking up any real floorspace.

I think that's about it for today.

Make sure to come back next Monday to see how we are going to transform the exterior!

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  1. wow that's a great idea. I hope it come up very good. Good luck to your tasks :)


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