Monday, 27 October 2014

A Halloween Mixer for the really young crowd.

Soon after we booked our family vacation to Barbados, we realized that littles would be missing Halloween.
Apparently when you are 5 Halloween is a super huge deal! 
So, after much convincing, we opted to throw a Halloween party for them & 10 of their friends.

Here is the party in pictures!

The kids got creative colouring some masks.

We played Bingo.

Thirsts were quenched with these cute skeleton straws & they got a little surprise!

They sunk their teeth into these super cute Dracula Donuts

Timbits posed as delicious Spider Eggs!

A skeleton hand was just hanging out in the chip bowl!

I also made these hot dog mummies - since they were such a big hit last year.

There was also so much more that I wanted to share but they kids came in like a hurricane before I could take more pics of the set table & all of the goodies.
I'll have to be quicker next time.

Do you have an Halloween plans?

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