Friday, 24 October 2014

I've proven to Suck on the blogging front as of late, but please don't leave me!

Just as the title of this post says, I suck on the blogging front.
It's true, I have been the suckiest blogger - if that's even a real word!

I am a 1 woman show. 
I literally do it all myself. I don't have a team of 20 behind me.
 I meet with clients. I source fabrics, furniture, finishes, all of the ordering & work orders. I also do all of the pick ups & deliveries. Every stitch of painting is done by moi, until the wee hours somedays. Don't even get me started on the seemingly endless number of daily emails.
This is just work related. I haven't even addressed the need of my little family. 

Before you exit my page, please know that this is not a pitty party by any stretch, it is simply me realizing that I can not do everything. There I said it! It's very hard for me to give up control. There I said that too! Phew, that feels better & because it's hard for me to give up control I feel like I am wearing multiple hats & at times they don't look good all together!!! 

With all that being said, the Mr., the 2 littles & I are headed to our most favourite place in the entire world tomorrow for 7 days of pure bliss & some much overdue family time. 

There will be plenty of jumping in the waves on a beach of pink sand.

Indulging into a good book & actually finishing it.

Sand caslte building to our hearts content.

Enough food & drink for way more than 4 people.

The only clothing required is a bathing suit, big hat & sunnies.

Sleeping with the doors open to hear the waves crashing again the cliff we are perched on.

Be sure your following my Instagram feed, as I will be posting our time in heaven.

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