Tuesday, 28 October 2014

#projectglenholm Update

Last week #projectglenholm received their pillows & had the drapery installed.

Here is what the room looked like at our first meeting.
I will give my client credit, all of the pieces she had selected for the space were lovely but she needed  it all to be pulled together.

Below is what fabrics I started with.

This is what I presented.
Statioary silk drapery with a lead edge band on decorative tape. The tape was not only used to "dress up" the solid fabric for the drapery but to also reinforce the colour scheme & add a touch of pattern.

These are the pillows.

Drapery is waiting to be hung.

Here are the pillow in there new home.

I don't have photos just yet of the completed drapery install.
Just this snapshot.

This wall opposite the sofa needs something, but there is not a lot of room.

Here's what I'm thinking for this wall. We need an area rug too!

A glass waterfall console table with 2 upholstered cubes tucked beneath to act as additional seating will anchor the wall. The stools will be upholstered in the same Candice Olson fabric we used on the 2 large sofa pillows. Family photos are very important to my client so, that being said we will create a simple gallery wall. My hope is that this wall of special photographs will changed out from time to time.

Do you have any other simple & cost effective ideas for this wall?

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