Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Home Staging. Is It Really Necessary When Selling Your Home? Part #1

Today's post is a bit wordy, so I threw in some random pretty pics for your viewing pleasure.

As you know our home is currently on the market & has been for about 6 weeks. We have had lots of showings & the feedback has been positive."It's just not right for them" seems to be the common thread. Honestly, I'm not sure if that is real-estate code for something else?

So in my continual quest for design & learning I took a home staging course & am now a certified Home Staging Consultant. It took place over 3 evening at 3 hours each & what I took away from it is very interesting. Home Staging is very different from decorating. In Decorating & design you are creating a home for a specific person or family. In Staging you are creating a lifestyle for the people coming to view the home. 

Colour theory comes in to play, to evoke particular emotions in certain rooms. 
All white towels & sheets if not all of the bedding will give the feeling of cleanliness.
A continual colour theme & accents throughout vs. a separate accents in each space will make the home feel larger.
Lastly mirrors are your best friend, they create the illusion of space, lightness & brightness.
So, in a nutshell it's all about re directing the viewers eye to what you as the stager want to highlight as the focal so they don't see the negative. It's all smoke & mirrors my friends.

 Today my plan is to completely "re-stage" my home & tomorrow I will share what I've done to each space.

If you missed it before or just want to see it again click here to see the virtual tour.

Well, I gotta go - there's lots of work to do!

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  1. Oh my goodness...I can't believe you're re-doing things when it looks SO good. Very intrigued and can't wait to see the staged version tomorrow!


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