Thursday, 15 May 2014

Home Staging. Is It Really Necessary When Selling Your Home? Part #2

If you read yesterdays post you know that I spent the majority of the day staging my home. After taking a Home Staging course & because the house is up for sale, I thought I would put all of the info I absorbed into action. 



I removed the pair of tall lamps, they created a wall effect & replaced with one large but not as tall lamp, giving the illusion of more space. The stack of books, art & the chair all are connected with the repetition of colour. Mirrors are great but in this case I chose to hang one of my fashion prints, the other is on the opposite wall.



I love my bedroom. When you enter the room there is such a feeling of wanting to relax & unwind.
I did remove the tall wood jewellery stand & the tray of fragrances on the dresser. Along with all "personal" items that are usually housed on my dressing table & the books stacked on the shelves on the bedside tables.  These few changes really opened up the space.



The table beside the tub & the large painting over the toilet have gone to the basement & the beautiful crystal containers on the counter went in the cupboard below. Although I took down the large piece over the toilet (this is not a place you want to draw much attention to) I couldn't leave the wall bare, I think because it's the area you see upon entering the washroom so I put the Leigh Viner pieces back up.



Not much changed in this room either. I simply removed the olive wood cube table & simplified the top of the credenza.



I switched out the bowl, the one in the before pic looks so sad. By removing the large pillow in the centre you have an un abstracted view out the windows.

sorry no before

I removed the bench that sat on the left & it instantly opened up the space. Now it feels like there is a foyer & not just a hallway.

Sorry no before of this either

The bench from the foyer came in here with 2 decorative baskets for each of the kids that sit below, to put hats scarves etc. in. I removed the kids jackets that normally hang on these hooks & their shoes that line up neatly on the floor & hung a decorative bag & scarves that pick up the colours in the bench pillow & artwork in the space.

There it is! Do you see the difference a little staging can make?

If you are moving & need staging, I'd love to work with you to help sell your home quickly.

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  1. I find the little details make all the difference. While the space wasn't bad before, the after seems more open and uncluttered. Great way to highlight all the rooms.


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