Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Chair Affair: I need your vote!

Oh my, I just sat down to edit my post before uploading it & realized that I accidentally published it yesterday- spelling errors & all - Oops. Anyhow....

I am very honoured to be taking part in this years Chair Affair Event to benefit Furniture Bank.
Several designers in the GTA have reimagined chairs & various pieces of furniture & you have until the main event on October 30th to vote on you favourite piece. The top 10 with the most votes are guaranteed move on to the live auction. THIS IS MY GOAL. To be in the top 10!!!

Here's a little background on Furniture Bank. Furniture bank was create to help individuals & families who a struggling financally or needing to start over for various reasons. They are able to choose what they need to furnish their home. All of this is done at little to no cost to those on the receiving end. So the next time you are wanting to get rid of any furniture or household items that are gently used consider donating them to Furniture Bank.

I went to Furniture Bank back in July & picked out my chair.
I was drawn to this chair for it's shape. The seat height, depth of the seat & the angle of the back/arm rest were all spot on. Perfect in my mind.

I knew that I was going to use one of my hand painted fabrics (Intertwine) & on a slightly more traditional chair would pair well together. I opted for a very small delicate black piping to give the curvy shape of the chair definition without being too chunky. For the skirt I loved the idea of it remaining all white so we did just that & had a 2" gross grain black ribbon added in the centre. To top it off I used one of my Black Bold hand painted fabric pillows in the opposite colour way with an exposed side zipper in rose gold.

I couldn't be happier with the results. Enormous thank you's go out to JF Fabrics for donating the fabric for me to paint on & to Designer Upholstery for the impeccable reupholstery. I'm thinking the new house will need a pair in the lounge.

Click here to see all of the other chairs & vote for the one you want to see advance to the live auction.
 Better yet come to Chair Affair event on October 30th! You can buy tickets here!

You can vote everyday!!!!


  1. I stopped by because of the ORC, but I am now a HUGE fan! I am loving your style...you have so much edge!


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