Thursday, 22 October 2015

One Room Challenge: A Jack n' Jill Week 3

Ok, that was the fastest week ever! 
Welcome to week 3 of the One Room Challenge where some 150+ bloggers take on completing a room in just 6 weeks, thanks to Linda from Calling it Home.  If you missed my first week you can click  here & see week 2 here

In this 3rd week the kids Jack n' Jill saw the installation of the glass panel for the shower.

The shell of the vanity was assembled & installed. 

The mirror saga continues....
Last week I asked for your thoughts on a splash & round mirror vs.
a large wall mounted mirror splash combo. The majority said splash & round mirror, so thats what's gonna happen! I picked up this mirror today from my friends at IKEA

I ultimately wanted a frameless mirror or one with a very thin metal edging, but in order to keep the budget in check something had to give, so I went for the right size.  
I need your thoughts once again, should it stay the natural wood tone? or be painted is black? grey? white?

The lighting situation is looking good. I picked these bad boy pendants up at HomeSense for $40 each,

 & these faceted light bulbs from Black Rooster Decor definitely add to the assortment of shapes in the space.

As soon as I saw this playful print from Laura Berger I knew it was perfect for the kids bathroom, it's been framed in a simple white frame. 

I have aslo ordered up this super fun print from Dantell

I think that's about it for today. 
Make sure you check out all of the other ORC players.

Oh & P.S. Today os the last day to cast your vote for my chair for the #chairaffairsdn benefiting the Furniture Bank. I'd love your vote secure my #3 spot! The chairs in the top 10 will move on to the LIVE auction. To vote click on the chair on the sidebar to the left & remember to save your vote! 


  1. Hollie! I love it!! I'd usually want to paint out that mirror frame in the charcoal, but there's something nice about the wood tone. Maybe variety?
    Those pendants are so great and faceted light bulbs?! That's something I gotta look into!!

  2. Hollie it is looking great! My vote is black on the mirror to tie nicley in with the hardware on the fixtures and the floor. Love the fun prints!

  3. Loving those pendant lights!!!! Everything looks fantastic and my vote on the mirror is grey to pick up the floor tiles. Adore the Get Naked print- so fun!!!

  4. I am in love with the pendants and light bulb! This is looking so great already! Also, if there will be no other wood tones in the room, I'd suggest painting the mirror (which is a great find, by the way).

  5. Love what you have so far. I'd stick with the wood tone to warm up the black/white/grey. Plus it mimics the body tone in that awesome Laura Berger piece. Or you could always go with the same color as the rest of your frames...

  6. Those lights are awesome and great progress! I think I like the grey for the mirror, and the print is fun! :)

  7. Your space is looking great! I would keep the natural wood tone for contrast and texture, as long as you plan on bringing in other organic elements. Otherwise the gray to tie into the floor tile!

  8. Love the artwork! And the round mirror! I'd probably try the mirror as is in the finished room, then if I wasn't in love, I might go crazy and try it in the wall color to see if it was more of the frameless look I wanted, and if that didn't work, I'd go black :)

  9. First off- Love the lighting and prints! As for the mirror. I'm not sure if I just missed something or not, but wasn't sure what color you were doing the walls. If walls are lighter, I feel like painting it gray would look great. If darker walls, I'd leave it natural for contrast. I am not in any way an interior designer and know nada about what actually works in a space, so with that being said, take my advice for what's it's worth... about 1 cent :)

  10. This will be the coolest kids bath ever! How super fun! I love those pendants too:)

  11. A part of me wants to suggest painting the mirror frame grey to tie in with the colour of the floor tiles, but I'm leaning more towards leaving the wood unfinished to add some warmth to the space. Painted or unpainted - either way will look great! I love how this bathroom is progressing!

  12. Your artwork is wonderful! Both prints are perfect. I am loving this room and can't wait to see it all put together!!

  13. Looks good so far. Loving the art work!

  14. Hollie, love the print. Just perfect. Also the lighting looks great. Can't wait to see coming it all together. What a fab project!!


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