Thursday, 29 October 2015

One Room Challenge: A Jack n' Jill week 4

How the heck are we already in week 4 of the One Room Challenge!
This weeks update is going to be short and sweet, because not too much has happened in the Jack n' Jill since last week. If your just joining in you can read week 1, week 2 & week 3 to get caught up to speed on my crazy decision to join in on this edition One Room Challenge to complete a room in just 6 weeks.

 The counter top / sink & splash were installed along with the faucet.

(please excuse the fuzzy photos) 

I initially had selected & purchased this one, but at the last minute, literally as the plumber was taking it out of the box, I switched it for the one I bought for the laundry room. I'm happy I made the change to the tall slender black faucet

The shower head & controls were also installed. Keeping the budget in check is key (at least I am trying) since we are renovating our entire house, so off to The Home Depot I went. I settled on Onyx by America Standard. I like the simplicity of it & while I'm being completely honest the price was fantastic.

The towel hooks started going up with plenty of space above for a piece of art.

I prefer hooks in the bathroom for kids, not only for the way it looks but, it's easier for them to put their towels away & not leave them wet on the floor.

Oh & the toilet paper roll was put up too- can't forget about that necessity!

Reveal day is November 12th & here's what left to do:

-install the pendant lights
-install the toilet
-finalize the art
-frame the art
-hang the art
- purchase new fluffy towels
-purchase & install 2 more towel hooks
 - settle on what to do with the mirror (see last weeks post)
- hang the mirror
 - clean
- finish installing the tile baseboard
- install door frame & trim
- paint door & trim
- install door hardware
-photograph the space

That's a long list.

Make sure you check out what my fellow ORC'rs are up to this week, there are some real goodies in there!


  1. It's looking great Hollie- love that faucet!

  2. I love how modern it's all looking! That faucet is gorgeous!

  3. It's looking great!! I love that you switched to the black faucet - it was meant to be.

  4. The vanity is beautiful! Can't wait to see it all come together. The last two weeks are crazy trying to cross everything off the list!


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