Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A Wall Scone Decision & Some New Pillows!

As you may already know form this post, I am giving my son's room a makeover. It seems that the fabrics, furniture, layout, wallpaper, drapery & bedding selections for his space are slowly taking over my brain. I have become slightly obsessed. My original plan was to remove the sliding mirror closet doors & create a built in dresser with place to hang a piece of art & a small area for hanging, but after much thought I have given that plan the axe. Instead I have opted for the closet area to become a desk/ homework area. In the meantime, until he actually has real homework, it will serve as a spot for him & his Lego to spread out & get creative.
This image from  Lacqured Life served as my inspo.

I have ordered up this Coles & Son Woods wallpaper for inside of the nook. It's the perfect fit for our "woodsman on an adventure" vibe.

The hunt is on for 2 wall sconces.

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6


If you saw my Instagram last Friday them you will have seen the latest pillows I created for Black Rooster - The Black Lips & the Black Bold.

Aren't they wicked?!!
Now go buy some up before they are all gone.

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  1. I personally like number 4, but I think number 6 would be a better fit for him. It will fit nicely with the wallpaper you've picked.
    The pillows are awesome!! I love that the lips are not red (predictable) the black gives them something unexpected and edgy.


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