Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Happy Belated Easter, Alternative Blooms, My New Logo & My Slightly Emrbassing Guilty Pleasure

Happy Belated Easter friends.

This is me with the scariest looking Easter Bunny ever - this could be the answer to many questions!
I hope you were able to spend time with friends & family & maybe indulge in a wee bit of chocolate! We try not to give our kids too much chocolate & candy, they don't need the extra white stuff, they have enough energy on their own, so it lasts a long time. In fact, I just dumped the left over Halloween candy on Friday & this is what the new Easter stash looks like, any guesses how long this will last?!

My sister in law gave me this beautiful hydrangea & in my fave shade of pink to boot! - thanks Melissa:)

While were on the topic of Melissa, she is crazy in the talent department. Melissa creates the most beautiful bridal bouquets, literally making flowers petal by petal out of vintage fabrics & paper, yes fabric & paper people. She will even incorporate small vintage pins & brooches or your own family heirlooms.

Check out more of Mel's amazingness at Alternative Blooms .

Things are coming along really well with the new website, just a few minor adjustments, so now my head is really into my new business cards / stationary. I know I don't really NEED stationary, since 99% of everything is done via email, but I love it, so the plan is to keep it super duper simple & super duper economical.

Here's a peek at my new logo.

I have a few thoughts for the cards, but am keeping that under wraps for now until I can finally decide.

I have a new guilty pleasure.

I was browsing through all the TV series on Netflix & discovered that Beverly Hills 90210 is on there, the original series kids! I will admit that this was my favourite TV show when I was in high school & I may have even of had a 90210 T-shirt with Dylan McKay on it, that I wore proudly! So I dove straight in an am re-watching all of the episodes, looking back now it was so bad, but also so so good.

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  1. love that you are watching 90210! I saw the house when I was in LA and almost flipped out! ha! So excited for the website launch, awesome stuff!


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