Monday, 31 March 2014

#pineavenuespruceup - The Basement Reveal!

Happy Monday!

Today I have a small but exciting reveal. 

After a few weeks of dealing with drywall dust & paint fumes the basement is finally complete.
3 years ago in order to deal with the abundance of toys & wanting a place where the kids could play freely & I could simply walk away from the mess. We chose to divide the basement in half. One half was kept for storage, the furnace & the hot water tank. We put drywall up on the walls & a laminate floor. The walls were never finished & the ceiling was left open, but there was plenty of space of playing & having fun. 

The walls & ceiling were properly taped & finished, flat stock baseboard & trim were applied & everything went bright white. To use what we already had I mixed all of the partial cans of white paint into a large bucket. By doing this saved about $200!
Here are a few before's so you can really appreciate the afters.

Here are the afters.

My most loved space is the gallery wall of the kids art.

I am very proud to say that the only items purchased to complete this space was some simple white frames for the gallery wall!
I am completely obsessed with all the white - I just want to paint everything!


  1. Lovely! I LOVE the gallery wall.

  2. looks SO good!!! And I absolutely love the gallery wall, kids makes the best art!


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