Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas Wish List Item #10

I love jewellery so I've made it #10 on my Christmas Wish List.
 I am really into rings lately, the wider the band the better.
Here's 2 that would make me smile on Christmas morn.

This one with it's wide brass band and organic setting is very appealing.



If the truth be told I already have this ring from REBECCA. I bought it for myself just over a year ago & I wear it every single day. I love the rose gold dipped finish & have had many compliments, but the "diamond dust" has all discoloured - I've tried cleaning it with no luck- & the finish has worn off in places.

Have a great weekend & remember I have a 25% off sale happening over at my Etsy shop - PILLOTOPIA until the end of November.

Happy almost weekend.

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