Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Bit of Sad News & Before & After

Good Morning-

Today post if going to be short & sweet. This has been a sad week for us so far.
My husbands Dad passed away, last Friday, so to be honest it's been rather hard to concentrate and be creative while putting a post together. Next week will be better.

Onward and Upward we go!

Yesterday I got - Project Hair Salon - client waiting area chairs back after being all beautified & I think they look like a million bucks!



I love'm & they are just perfect for the new space.
I purchased them from Moveline Liquidators from $55 each.
My upholsterer did an awesome job on these. It's amazing what a lick of paint, teal leather and chrome nail heads can do.

I've bought quite a few items from Moveline Liquidators and given them new life, but that's another post.

Also, after a 4 week wait we finally got our hardwood for the bedroom delivered and it's being installed today. These beauties are also going up in the make up area.

Axis Wall Sonce

I will have a full reveal of the bedroom  Monday - it's been a year in the making!

Hollie xo


  1. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I almost feel like I ought not say how fabulous those chairs turned out. My deepest sympathy to your family. xoxo

  2. So so sorry again...hope you're all doing OK over there- xoxo

  3. On a happier note, chairs and headboard are amazing!


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