Monday, 25 February 2013

All the pretty colours - Neon

This is the kick off of a new series here at TPZ.
A few times a month I'll assemble a medley of bewitching images in a distinct colour.

I don't know about you but I've had it with winter and am wishing for warmer weather, 
not a middle of July scorcher, but a light jacket wearing May.

Neon's are on tap today,
because what says "beat it cold weather" better than super brights on a gloomy winter day.

This is how you do a fun and sophisticated table scape!
via pinterest

String Art
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Funky dip dyed Easter eggs, I'll be DIY'ing these for sure
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Nothing says welcome quite like neon lime
 via pinterest

This is my all time favourite shade of pink
 via pinterest

Amazing Art, I might need this one to add to my collection!

This chic is most certainly confident
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I love this painting on paper with the lace imprint and the drips

Classic jewellery pieces with a fresh and exciting twist

This tea towel will brighten up any kitchen

Multi coloured dipped wooden bowls

How brave are you in the neon department?

Hollie xo

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