Thursday 28 April 2016

The Roof Top Servery - One Room Challenge Week 4

Here we are at week 4 of the one room challenge - the week when everything gets really real. I mean it's crunch time people! There really is only a week & a bit left to get things completed, and then the photos have to happen.

If you are new to The Pink Zipper thanks for stopping by & if you are also wondering what the One Room Challenge thing is, here's the down low. Linda from Calling it Home had this crazy awesome idea to invite 20 design bloggers complete a space in 6 weeks, all while sharing weekly updates & the behind the scenes of this challenge. It was such a success, it has become a bi-annual event. Now 5 years later The One Room Challenge has grown to accommodate guest participants. I'm one of those.
To get caught up you can see what I've been up to week 1, week 2 & week 3 of my ORC.
You can see my very first ORC here.

Last week I was stressing because the physical work had not yet began. I am pleased announce the floor tiling started Tuesday & will be done later this week. I'm superdy duper happy about this black & white checker situation. I'm going with tiled baseboards in black & the grouting will also be black. 

All the walls have been primed & are ready for some Benjamin Moore Oxford White.
Bye Bye hospital sickness green. 

The handrails have been taken off & are being prepped for painting with Benjamin Moore Onyx. 

My grandfather aka the carpenter, stopped by to measure up & begin building the 2 tall cabinets that will be fronted by the bi-fold shutter doors. A lot of things are hinged on the completion of these cabinets, like the counter top the backsplash being installed & the black glass floating shelf.

The Tonic Living Swaying Palms fabric also arrived this week so we finalized the green for the exterior door. 

Speaking of the palm fabric, it going to be what we're using for an under counter skirt. I have always loved the casual (dare I say cottage-ish) look of under counter skirts. Not only will it give a softness to the area, but it's also a budget friendly option to cabinetry, and no one will ever notice the dish washer hidden behind it.

Our Barbie & Ken Vintage Photography arrived & has been framed along with a few other pieces.

The lighthouse is from Lila & Lola & the palm image is from the instagram page of Drake General Store

The stair carpeting has been ordered & is scheduled for install on May 9 - talk about cutting it close.
I showed the 4 options last week & we selected this beautiful wool from Godfrey Hirst. It's going to look soooo gooood!

Please be sure to check out the transformation of my fellow guest participants & the main 20 One Room Challengers!


  1. Love the under counter skirt and I'm borderline obsessed with the Barbie and Ken photography. It's too good. Excited to check back to see progress!

  2. I like the idea of skirting on the bottom. You don't see it very much so it will be somewhat unique! And again you have me drooling over that palm fabric!!


  3. That green with the black and white is going to be killer! So excited to see the reveal.

  4. I absolutely love your choices, the lack and white floor is to scream for! Love it so much, the mood board colors really compliment each other, never would have thought to use those colors together. Great job Lady!
    All my best Maria


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