Wednesday, 14 October 2015

#projecthillview Update

As promised I am going to give you an update over at #projecthillview. 
Since mid June we, and when I say we, I mean my Uncles, brother in law & various trades have been creating our new home, but not without various hurdles. That being said as we get closer to moving in I can see my vision for each space coming to life before my eyes. 

So here's the long & short of it.
We removed all of the interior walls & completely opened up the ceiling & now the ceiling throughout, follows the roof line. This turned out to be a major kick in the budget stomach, 3 major structural beams, architects & engineers - it was a doozey- but most definitely worth it. Once everything was opened up, there were a few code issues that first & foremost had to be addressed - another kick to the budget! The super tiny outdated kitchen was relocated from the back of the house to the front. A Jack n' Jill was added for the kids. The existing main bath & master ensuite was opened up to make one large bathroom that is accessible from the hall & the master & we majorly updated the full bathroom on the lower level. Oh yeah, we also chose to fully complete the lower level too - again it hurt the budget too, but we opted for one big mess now & since the home is a bungalow it doubled our daily living space.  There is not one square inch of wasted space.

I thought showing these as the durings will make the afters look especially good.

 All of the windows & doors were upgraded & we added 2 window walls of bi folding doors that open up on to the backyard. Some windows were made larger & others were filled in completely. The exterior also got a coat of Benjamin Moore Black Jack - I love this black, it's certainly black with a hit of brown & grey. The windows were ordered in black for both interior & exterior. For budgetary reasons we opted to paint all of the eaves trough, flashing & the existing garage door. We're still waiting for the ginormous front door, that will really bring this exterior to life.



As we stand right now, the entire place has been spray foam insulated, drywalling has been completed, the tiling is done, the walls have had 1 coat of paint but the ceilings are done. The electrical / lighting is almost finished, plumbing fixtures are waiting to be installed& the hardwood is being delivered Friday. Mill work & appliances are coming the last week of October. As far as I see it we'll be moving in very, very soon & I can't wait!!!

Well that's it for now, until we get in & I can begin to style it up, then I'll do complete before & afters of each space.

Make sure you come back tomorrow & check in on the progress of my One Room Challenge.

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