Monday, 13 April 2015

A New Project Introduction #projecthillview

Hello friends, Yes I am alive & kicking. Sorry for being absent the last month.
I have had a few exciting things happening in both professional & personal fronts. I will share the professional with you another day once some of the plans & creases get worked out, but for today I am filling you in on a major change me & my little family are embarking on.

It all started about 2 months ago when a house we had our eye on came up for sale. You can read about it here. To make a long story short, we didn't have our house up for sale, let alone sold we were unable to move forward with it. However it did give us the itch to put our current house on the market again & begin our search. So that is exactly what we did!

 Fast forward to April 7th.

We SOLD our home & bought an even better version of the one that got away...on the same day!

To us it is the perfect Mid Century Modern Redo, which = pure happiness to me.
And when I say redo I mean it big time.  I counted 7 different flooring materials on the main floor alone... & it's a bungalow.  I'm talking walls coming down, all new windows, flooring, bathrooms & kitchen all need to happen. Not to mention the flesh coloured exterior. 

My intent is to remain true to the Mid Century design, but with a slight twist.
This means selling almost every piece of furniture we own & starting from scratch. I have exactly 8 weeks to pull this design plan together, before work begins & find a temporary place to live for about 3 months.

Stop by, TPZ every Monday to see all the design plans, progress & all that jazz on #projecthillview #mymidcenturymakeover

Next week I will share my plans for the foyer.

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