Thursday, 21 August 2014

Floor Length Table Skirts. Old School or Just right?

I have always enjoyed the look of a floor length table skirt, but I really love the more tailored version.
Floor length skirts not only look fabulous they also allow for some extra added storage especially when used by the front door or under the TV to hide those ugly cable boxes etc.

I'm really liking the solid versions with the accent banding, but who am I kidding, if I was to have one of these on my home I would paint my own black & white version, like in the top image!

Do you like these floor length tailored skirts?

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  1. I never though of using a table skirt to cover up a TV stand. One of my biggest pet peeves about ours is that you can see all the wires at the back- it's a mess and I hate it. We're moving soon so you may have given me an idea for our new place...


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