Thursday, 19 June 2014

#projectmapleavenue The Library & Family Room

Welcome to another Thursday.

I thought I would share the design direction of the library & family room at #projectmapleavenue 

First up is the Library

The beautiful antique desk is going to remain, however we will be replacing the chair with one that's going glossy black & upholstered in a zebra fabric. I'm torn with keeping everything in this room all black & white or is one hit of colour just over the desk. Thoughts? There also needs to be some type cart / hidden something for the printer to go to the left of the desk.

This back wall is getting hacked - an IKEA Billy bookcase hack more specifically- 
In the end it should look something like this. We've toyed around with the idea of wallpapering the back of the book shelves, in a soft black & grey hand painted looking floral with a white background?

The french doors are also going glossy black for some added drama. In front of the window we are placing an antique chairs lounge that is being covered in a black faux snakeskin- I can't wait it see how it turns out. The window are going to have the same sheer treatment as the living room but we will be adding white stationary drapery with black ribbon banding down the lead edge. 

The family room received a pair of newly upholstered chairs - I love them big time! A lovely linen with a sliver thread.

This fabric is for pillows.

The faux croc is for a pair of cube ottomans.
This is just one small area of the room we are still awaiting the 2 custom sofas that are being upholstered in a lovely shade of chocolate - yummy:) 

Art work & area rugs, still need consideration but hopefully we'll make some headway on that front soon. We have a July 16th deadline - aaahhhh!

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  1. Can't wait to see how the IKEA hack turns out in the library!


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