Friday, 23 May 2014

#projectmapleavenue Powder Room Update

Last week I showed you  my 2 proposed design boards for #projectmapleavenue powder room, here they are for a refresher.

This is what the powder room looks like currently.

Option 2 was the clear winner!
The wall mouldings & crown has been chosen & is waiting to be applied to the walls. I decided to bathe the walls in a colour that will give a bit more drama, so everything will be painted out in Benjamin Moore AF-670 Nightingale. The Cole & Son walloper also arrived & it's going on the ceiling.

The paint looks a little muddy in the pic as does the wallpaper but it has a beautiful & subtle lavender undertone. 

In the original plan I had a tall antiqued mirror, but my client found this one for free, it will also will be painted in the wall colour, but this time, lacquered.

For the art work I selected a photograph of a Paris street scene, but my client went to Paris a few years ago so we have opted to select from her catalogue of images & have it enlarge & framed. We haven't found the perfect pic yet, so we'll leave it a surprise for the reveal.

Everything is lined up so it should all come together quickly.
Next week I will have a few more rooms in this home to share with you that are also undergoing transformation.

Have a fantastic weekend.

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  1. It's looking great! I can't wait to see the dark grey moulding and papered ceiling. And that mirror is fab!


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