Thursday, 6 February 2014

Dressing Room Dreaming

I  read an article from Domino yesterday that spoke about turning a spare room in to a Dressing Room. Sounds nice right?!
You can read the article & see all of the pictures here.

It got me thinking if I was able to have a dressing room of my very own. What would my dream dressing room look like?

This one from Nate Berkus pretty much sums it up.

Pattern on the floor, great hardware, a place to sit, ceiling height shelving, fabulous mix of lighting, a large mirror a place for the luggage (instead of lugging it up & down from the basement, makes sense right?!). The only thing I would add would dressing table to sit & do my make up & dab on a pretty scent. Also a fun wallpaper on one wall for a touch of whimsy.

Here is the dressing room I dreamt up for myself, should I ever be so lucky to have one!

carpet / wallpaper / ottoman / ceiling light / wall sconces / dressing table / chair

How do you envision your dressing room? Maybe I can help!

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  1. How very chic to have a dressing room. Those shoe shelves...ah...perfect! I really like the wallpaper and although I would never put up wallpaper (bad memories of taking it down!), it could easily be framed and hung up as artwork.


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