Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Some Re-Arranging & A Bit of Christmas

I'm sorry I have been MIA.
I find that the only way for me to stay on top of my posts is to write them the night before, otherwise other things take centre stage if I wait til' morning. So, I am back on the before bed writing bandwagon so hopefully these posts will be ready for you to read with your morning cup of joe.

Let me star off with a few things
1- I had to quit the part time job I had - it was interfering, with my kids, husband, yoga & just getting all the household crap done - What was I thinking!  Since I gave my 2 weeks notice - for I have gained 7 new clients requiring drapery & pillows for the holidays. What's the saying "When one door closes another opens". My last day was Saturday. Woohoo!

2- My birthday was on Sunday & the Mr. checked the City & Colour concert tix off my list.
He's a real keeper! 

I have been getting the house all Christmas-fied - much more scaled back, minimal & all in Black & White!
Here's a peek.

The kids even decorated little trees in their rooms.

I've mentioned before that I get bored with my surrounding so I am always changing things around & moving items from one room to another. I like all of the pieces we have but sometimes they just need a new home for me to appreciate them again!
On the weekend we sat down in the living room & collectively agreed that something in the room is not looking right. We began to hatch out a plan & because when I bet a bee in my bonnet I have to act on it, here is what I got up to yesterday afternoon.



We have both agreed that we definitely want to get another pair of chairs, a bench & a pair of wall sconces, but these things will have to wait, but you know that I will begin my search for the perfect pieces. As for now, I am really happy with where this is going.

Since we have scaled back slightly I'm left with all this.

I will have to make a trip to the Salvation Army to do a drop off, however there are some things I could sell. I'm thinking I may have an Instagram Sale - more on that later this week.

Well that all she wrote! I'm off to create my Christmas Table scape - here's hoping the dollar store has what I'm after! I will share my finds & finished table with you tomorrow!

Happy Hump Day:)


  1. Are those flame stitch pillows from Furbish?! Regardless, you should probably let me know how much you'd let them go for! Thanks!


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