Thursday, 5 December 2013

My Holiday Tablescape

A few weeks ago I put together this board on what items I would love to have use set my Holiday Table. We are having my family over on Christmas morning. I wanted to put all of my thoughts together & see where I ended up, so I still have time should I want to tweak it slightly.

I had a clear idea, but needed to pick up a few things, so I channeled my inner Danielle & challenged myself to only go to the dollar store & not spend more than $15.

So here's how I did.

My grandmother was a big help, by supplying the gold & silver flatware, linen napkins - some of which are over 100 years old & the collection of my Grandad's black bow ties that playfully sit in the potted tree!

 In my inspiration I included the KW plates, so I decided to DIY my own. The ones I painted are strictly for show, but I don't care - I will however own a set of the real day. I love how they give a modern vibe in and amongst the antique linen napkins & deco flatware. 

So all in all, I spent a whopping $10 to create this minimal & simple table. 

I'm a happy camper.

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  1. Hollie! Those plates are amazing. I love the entire table! You must be thrilled. Your salt and pepper shakers really caught my eye. (I know, random.) I love that you used family pieces at your table...I'm doing the same. Get well soon! xo, Abby


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