Monday, 21 October 2013

Juggling & some pretty stuff

Good Monday.

I have nothing planned for today. To be honest I'm feeling a little zonked.
 I've sprinkled some pretty images throughout this post in hopes of not boring you.

I always have a few things on my plate, currently I've got: 

An Etsy shop 
This blog
My own design business (that is essentially part time)
I spend 1 day a week at my old design firm
A set of almost 5 year old twins

So, I thought that I'd like to do something else that really involved being around other people, because most of my work is spend by myself.


I got a part time job, in a home decor retail store. It's a busy place. Designers love it for accessories, but we also do in home consultations, custom furniture, you name it!  

It's been a bit of an adjustment. I have been my own boss for years so, someone telling me what to do is the hardest part. I do enjoy the fact that I can go do my job & leave - there's no homework.


Working Saturdays doesn't bother me - it gives the Mr. some well deserved fun time with the kids. 

What really kills, is the arranging who's picking up from school, who's taking the kids to their karate & dance classes - and the constant in & out of the car seats from one vehicle to another. 
Thanks goodness for Mom's - mine & my Mr.'s

I'm also missing the multiple yoga classes a weeks, it's been 2 weeks since my last class & the 2 weeks before that were scarce - Christine said "This job is interferring with our yoga" & it's true. 


Not to mention that my house inside & out looks like a tornado hit it & that the laundry pile is getting bigger by the second.

I dont know how parents of young kids work full time, juggle the kids, school, home, home work, groceries, cooking, packing lunches & make time for yourselves. It's tough.


So high 5's to all of you who do it & do it well! 
I might need to read a page out of your book.


  1. It's a juggle for sure! What store are you working at? Maybe I'll bump into you!

  2. The juggling never ends does it? Us moms are superheroes!!! Yoga tonight?

  3. Oh and PS, I bet my pile is bigger than yours;)))


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