Monday 7 October 2013

Bedroom Art on the Brain

There is a bare wall in our master & initially thought that I would like to leave it alone, but the more I see it empty, the more I hear it cry out for some attention. I need your help to decide on what I should do.

To refresh your memory here is what our bedroom looks like

My first thought was to frame up this.

Here's my second option. My husband like this one, wonder why?


Lastly, I could paint an abstract.

What's your fave? Please help me make a decision.


  1. Once again I'm reminded of the beauty of your room- extra embarrassed by what you witness at mine on the weekend by the way;) Anyhoo...I definitely like option 1 best- the colours are perfect for your space.

  2. Hard to say. Can you post a pic of the blank wall?
    Also where did you get the nighttables? I am looking for something about that size?


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