Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Metallic Wall Treatments

I was looking at my Instagram yesterday and I came across this pic from Fox & Tribe. 
Fox & Tribe is a newer blog, just like this one, so show some love, link over and have a read. 

I likey a lot, they're wall decals & that I like even more.
FYI - I detest painting like a sickness, unless it is painting fabric or is spray coming out of a can!

 So, it got me thinking about metallic wall treatments.
I will admit a focal walls are not my favourite but in some instances, it just work especially when they are as unique as what's below.

So began my quest.

4000 brass discs were nailed to the wall, added one at a time to create this amazingness

Squares of gold leaf added one by one

Gold trees anyone - This would look amazing on a white wall, no?

This reminds me of a little hand painted action that I offer

Intertwine hand painted metallic on silk

How about some metallic tape?

To create some stripes?

How do you like metallic wall treatments?

Have a great day.

Hollie xo

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