Friday, 31 May 2013

The Driveway is Driving Me Nuts!

Since we moved into our home, almost 9 years ago the driveway has driven me crazy. It's a funny shape thanks to the tree bylaw in our town, that all driveways / curbing etc. must be a minim of  3 meters away from the tree, hence the curved concrete curb & all the large beach rocks. The tree is a large pine and I despise the needles like a sickness, all the brown stuff in the rock area is actually dried up needles.  It's impossible to keep clean / tidy, we have to take up all the rocks, douse the weeds with something potent, put a ground cover on top, then put the rocks back - we have done it a few times and it's not a fun job!

So hubby & I have agreed that we've go to do something, I'm tired of little pieces of gravel being tracked inside and scratching the floor.
I like the simplicity of asphalt, so the kids can still do the sidewalk chalk

& be able to ride their bikes.

The other option is to do large pavers with grass joints like these. 

 I like the varying sizes, but with grass joints
There is a house in our neighbourhood that we both absolutely love and it has this style of driveway. I like how there is a subtle separation between the front lawn / grass and the driveway. My vote gets the pavers!



  1. I love the idea of the pavers with grass joints! We are actually getting driveway pavers at our own home at the end of this month. Can't wait!


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